Angela & Brian’s Wedding

Angela and Brian got married on probably the hottest day of the year this past August. When we arrived to start setting up, we thought for sure we would melt. Hazy, hot and humid doesn’t even begin to describe it. But the moment things started coming together, we forgot all about it (kind of).

Dan met the couple in late 2015, and they began to plan their menu, tent and rentals, linens, etc. Dan mentioned that since the wedding was going to take place in a backyard type of setting, they might want to consider talking to Carisa about day of coordination. Carisa met with them and immediately put Angela at ease about everything that needed to be setup that day (tables, chairs, linens, decor, flowers, ceremony logistics, etc.).

Carisa and her assistant arrived nice and early to begin on setting up. There were lots of fun details that made this wedding so great!

Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Jordan Biagioni

The ceremony was unique and beautiful, and took place on a lake near the groom’s family’s house. The bride was driven down to the site by a friends vintage car, which was awesome!

Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography

Photo by Wonderland Photography

Their cocktail hour consisted of a fun popcorn bar, tomato, hand whipped ricotta and fresh basil bruschetta, and chicken and vegetable skewers. The buffet included Southern style slow cooked pulled pork with house made coleslaw, “Nana’s” potato salad, herb-crusted flank steak, “adult” mac and cheese, honey and sour cream corn bread, slow cooked baked beans, a grilled summer vegetable platter, and a summer field green salad.

Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Jordan Biagioni
Photo by Jordan Biagioni


Photo by Jordan Biagioni
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography
Photo by Wonderland Photography

Vendor Team:
Spice Catering Group – catering and day-of wedding coordination
Wonderland Photography – photography
Stylish Blooms – flowers
Sweet Maria’s Bakery – cake
Team Cares DJ/Jeremy Fedorchick – DJ

5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Menu

I receive so many inquiries weekly saying something along the lines of the following:

“Hi! We are having around 100 guests at our wedding and we are in need of a caterer. Please send me pricing and menus.”

What’s wrong with this email?
#1: There is no date, time or venue listed.
#2: It is lacking details as far as what kind of food the client would like, if they need bar service, linens, dessert, etc.

I think people have gotten so caught up in the catering “packages” and that is just what they are used to. The problem with that is – that’s not Spice Catering Group. We don’t want to box our clients in to a pre-packaged menu for an event that is one of the most important days of your life. Just because one client wants a seated filet mignon dinner does not mean the next client wants the same thing. We pride ourselves on truly customizing each couples’ wedding menu.

So, where does one start in that process if we don’t have packages from which to choose?

  1. What time of year is your wedding taking place? Season plays a big role in your wedding13647130_10155047950538662_934730769_o menu. Spring and summer weddings are usually filled with lighter fare, lots of fresh vegetables and color! Think fresh arugula and watermelon salads, corn chowder shooters, and a beautifully garnished flank steak platter. People don’t want to be eating anything too heavy when it’s hot outside. On the other hand, for fall or winter weddings, comfort foods are wildly popular. Items like butternut squash risotto, lobster mac and cheese and stuffed chicken breast are in high demand.

salmon2. Where is your wedding reception going to be held? The type of venue that you book for your reception is a key part in choosing your menu. We have been doing lots of BBQs at rustic venues like farms and barns. Items like BBQ pulled pork sliders and bourbon spiked brisket have been fan favorites at these venues. Going for more formal affair? Our pomegranate glazed salmon and filet mignon with a red wine demi glaze will serve perfectly.

3. Which service style do you prefer? Are you going for a plated dinner or buffet? Family style or stations? These decisions can also effect your menu. Items like a chicken roulade or HPIM0588braised beef ribs are best for plated dinners, as they are more presentView More: Buffet items are foods that will keep well under heat such as a chicken dish with a sauce, or cold or room temp sides.


4. What time of day is your wedding taking place? Time of day plays an important part in your menu because people are used to eating at a certain time. If your wedding is at peak dinner time, your guests are expecting to be fed well. Late afternoon weddings can be a little more relaxed. A Sunday wedding from about 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm, for instance, would be a great time to have cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. It is assumed guests would have had lunch and will have dinner after the reception. Do you love breakfast foods? Don’t rule out a breakfast brunch!

5. Are there certain cultures from you or your fiancee that you want to incorporate into your menu? One of the things we pride ourselves on the most is our ability to create a truly custom menu for your wedding day. If you don’t want the traditional meat and potatoes, we can do that! We actually really love working with clients who aren’t afraid to get a little eclectic with their menu. Our chef is so experienced that he can create just about anything you’d like. Although that special family dish may not be exactly like grandma used to make, he can come pretty close. In fact, we just catered a wedding where we recreated a samosas recipe. At the tasting, the bride commented on how it was the closest to how her family makes them that she has ever had.

Contact us today to talk about what is best for your wedding day! We can’t wait to create the menu of your dreams!


Our First Ever Pop Up Wedding

We were asked by Heidi of Always & Forever Weddings to participate in a “Pop Up Wedding” in June. We had no idea what this was, but we are always open to try new things, so we jumped on board!

The premise was that 3 couples would have their intimate wedding ceremony at different times of the day at the Lyman Homestead. They would go somewhere else for a little while, then they all gathered back at the Homestead with their families for a dessert and cocktail party, which is where we came in.

The menu consisted of:
Assorted Petite Fors
Mini Fruit Tarts
House Made Chocolate Truffles
Mini French Macarons
A Dessert Station of Glazed, Apple Cider and Chocolate Donut Holes Flambéed with Spiced Rum and Liquors, Served with Raspberry Jam and Vanilla Mascarpone
Freshly Brewed Coffees and Teas

We also had a cash bar and staff to pass champagne. It was a fun time for all! Thank you to Heidi Hansen Photography for the photos from the event!
food (1 of 1) food (2 of 1) food (3 of 1) food (4 of 1) food (5 of 1) food (6 of 1) food (7 of 1) food (8 of 1) copy food (11 of 1)

Pros & Cons of Different Meal Styles

Based on our experiences with couples recently, it seems that plated wedding dinners have gone by the wayside. Stations are all the craze! We are even working on a station-specific menu to accommodate this market. So let’s discuss the pros and cons of each type of wedding dinner service:

Elaborate Cocktail Hoursliders
What is your favorite part of a wedding? Most people say the cocktail hour with delicious hors d’oeuvres. So, why not elaborate on that and make your entire reception an expansion of the cocktail hour. If your wedding is during dinner time, definitely go heavier on the food choices to ensure your guests have enough to eat. Think passed pulled pork sliders, paired with a miniature craft beer, a make-your-own taco bar with all the fixin’s, and a bruschetta station with fresh tomato and parmesan cheese.

– Everyone loves cocktail foods!
– It will keep your guests up and mingling
– Variety!

– Lacks tradition
– Guests may struggle with holding a drink and getting food

Stations are all the craze these days, whether it is chef-attended or your guests serve themselves.

– Variety!
– Gets your guests up and mingling
– Great alternative to a standard buffet

– Non-traditional
– Staff costs can go up if the stations need a chef
– You won’t know what will be eaten most, so the caterer needs to prepare enough of everything, which may increase your cost

lambPlated Dinner
This is the most traditional form of a wedding dinner. The couple pre-selects 2-3 entrees with the caterer and sends the choices to their guests in the invitation. When the guests send back their RSVPs, they send their meal choice with it.

– Controlled portions – guests get one entree and that’s it
– Controlled costs for the client
– Presentation could be nicer than other styles

– Limits guests to what they can eat (pre-determined meal choice prior to wedding)
– Guests will be seated for a long time while the course are being served
– Requires more staff to serve everyone in a timely manner

MA-wedding-familyFamily Style
This is when each table gets served its own large platters of food to share. They help themselves to the food that they like, just like eating at home with your family!


– Fun and interactive for your guests
– Guests can enjoy as much of the food as they would like
– Timing is more efficient since all tables can be served and begin eating at once

– Rentals for service platters can become costly (instead of 1 or 2 platters to be placed on a buffet table, now EACH guest table needs platters and serving utensils)
– Takes up a lot of space on guest tables
– Food costs may increase due to the caterer having to make more food to ensure that they do not run out

What is your dinner style choice for your wedding? Tell us in the comments below!