5 Tips for Creating A Delicious Wedding Menu That Everyone Will Love

We customize all of our wedding menus, so that tends to throw couples off when we say, “We can make whatever you want”. It seems like such an overwhelming task to build a wedding menu from scratch as opposed to having options handed to you. But don’t you want your wedding to be a reflection of you and your fiancé? Shouldn’t the food appeal to you and your likes? Although it sounds like a daunting task to build your menu from the ground up, here are 5 tips to help you through it.

1. Decide on your style. Is it a backyard BBQ that you are going for, or an elegant plated dinner? Looking for something a bit more eclectic? We can do that too! Buffet not your thing? Let’s create an action station. It just depends on your style and the vibe you are going for.View More: http://daphneanddean.pass.us/amanda-joe

2. Determine the formality of the wedding. Are passed hors d’oeuvres a must have? I’d say that’s more of a formal quality. If you’re having a black tie affair, passed hors d’oeuvres are a must. Stationed hors d’oeuvres make it a bit more casual and allows your guests to get up and mingle. Consider a fun action station if you are going for a more laid back feel.


3. Create a budget. Think about what it costs you to go out to a nice meal with your fiancé. You order an appetizer, a few drinks, an entree and dessert. What is your bill at the end of the night? $100? $150? Don’t forget to add gratuity! This is just a night out. Now think about what your budget should be for your WEDDING. I’m not saying it should cost as much as a down payment on a house, but consider the cost to treat all of your guests to a nice dinner, and set the budget accordingly.

4. Consider the season. The weather in New England is so finicky, but you can rest assured that it is going to be HOT in July and August. Consider lighter fare during the warm summer months. Guests don’t want to be eating anything too heavy, especially if they are outside. A summer gazpacho could be a nice refreshing treat. On the other hand, winters are know to linger in Connecticut. People want warm comfort foods during those months. Hot homemade dishes that evoke comfort are the way to go.

By daphneanddean.com
By daphneanddean.com

5.  Make sure you have plenty of food to cater to the masses. Chicken, beef, fish and veggies are just some of the popular categories, but make it fun! Your caterer doesn’t want to make the same things over and over. Allow them to be creative and design a menu that is exactly what you envision on your wedding day.