How to Prepare for a Bridal Show

Bridal shows can be a great way to get information about potential wedding vendors. You can even win some fantastic prizes! But they can also be a tad overwhelming for the couple. So much information in one room! Here is some good advice on how to prepare for them. The more you prepare before hand, the less stressed you’ll be at the show and after. Don’t forget to have fun!

Before the show:
• Do your research
• Get a list of the vendors who will be at the show and visit their websites
• What packages do they offer? Where are they located? etc.
• Have a list of questions you’d like to ask…
• Caterers, DJ’s, Photographers, Venues, etc.
• Pre-print labels with your name, address, email and phone number
• Almost every vendor will have giveaways which require you to fill out a form with your information
• Having these labels printed out already will give you more time to connect with the vendor and visit every table
• Bring a small planner/notebook
• After the show, all of the vendors will seem to blend together
• Take small notes or circle dates which are important
• Dress for comfort!
• You’ll be on your feet for a while
• Wear comfortable shoes
• You may also want to have a quick snack before the show (if there is none being served)

During the show:
• Manage your time wisely
• Allocate a certain amount of time to visit each vendor
• Don’t spend too much time talking to one
• Sample questions to ask:
• Have you worked at my venue before?
• How many weddings do you do per year?
• Would I need any special permits?
• Who will I personally be working with?
• Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?
• Do I need to book you now?
• May I have your contact information? (if you’re interested)
• Take notes!
• Use the notepad and calendar you brought to write down things that interest you or deter you from a certain vendor
• Keep an open mind

After the show:
• Give yourself time to process all the information you just obtained
• Later go back over your notes
• Review pamphlets/brochures and contact information
• Narrow down vendors who caught your eye
• Follow up with an email to the vendors who interest you (the sooner the better)
• Organize each vendor on your list to make it easier to refer back to
• Their contact info, things you liked about them, prices, etc.
• Share this information with your event planner, fiancee, family, etc. to get their opinion
• Maybe they have a question that you haven’t thought of yet to ask
• They may have experience with a vendor

Happy planning!