Do I Need to Hire A Day-Of Wedding Coordinator?

We know that some of you are torn about whether or not to hire a wedding coordinator.

Take this short quiz and see how many of these questions can you answer with confidence:

  1. Who will make sure that the wedding programs and other ceremony decor are in their propSB8A4725er places? And make sure that these items make it to the reception?
  2. Who will ensure that the favors, table centerpieces, special toasting flutes, cake server set, guest book (and 2 pens!) are all in their proper place at the reception
  3. Who will help the groomsmen with their boutonnieres? The mother’s with their corsages?
  4. Who will create a detailed timeline for the entire day and make sure all vendors receive a copy and are on the same page?
  5. Who will make sure that the wedding starts on time and everyone is in place for the processional?
  6. Who will check on the photographer to make sure all the pictures you asked for are being taken and that everyone down to the flower girl is smiling in the family shots?
  7. What will you do if the DJ, caterer, etc. is late, gets violently ill, or just doesn’t show up?2H8A7256
  8. Who will manage the wedding reception to make sure everything goes smoothly and all of the announcements, introductions, toasts, special dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss or dedication, all happen on time?
  9. Who will make sure that all of the vendors are paid the day of the wedding?
  10. Who will make sure that your limo or transportation is waiting for you at the end of the reception?
  11. Who will collect all personal items are the end of the night (decor, gifts, leftover food, etc.)? 2H8A7616
  12. Who will ensure that you’re able to breathe with confidence and enjoy your special day?

If you cannot answer most of these questions with certainty, why not call us today for a free consultation? We can go over any of your questions or concerns and show you that we are here to help you make your wedding day memorable!

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